Night 1: Zion, mile 446

Made it to Zion NP this evening. The place is pretty well built up and filled out.


There are motels all the way up to the park gates and right now I am writing this from my WiFi enabled RV site. Yes, RV site. All the tent sites were filled so I had to shell out the big bucks for a site made for a 30 ft motorhome.


The drive out was interesting. It only rained for about 45 minutes total, but the drops were massive and it sounded like driving though paintballs. Lightning in the surrounding hills. I pulled over in the Virgin River Canyon to see if I could catch a flash on film. I found myself preempting the strikes and taking pictures of dull grey skies. After about a dozen of those shots I began to feel a shade crazier than I prefer, so I packed it in and continued east.


I expect to hike Angels Landing Trail tomorrow morning. Should be intense.

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