Day 5: Canyonlands National Park, mile 1115

What a rush.

Canyonlands National Park encompasses the merging of the Green River and the Colorado River and the massive canyons carved by each.

The view through Mesa Arch
The view through Mesa Arch


There was a 100 mile off-road trail known as The White Rim Trail that looped the park and got you right up close to the inner canyon cliffs. I was crazy tempted to take it, but it was already afternoon, I only had 3/4 tank of gas, I was alone, excuse #4, excuse #5.


It’s something my brother and I will come do some day. It looked like a full-on experience. Shown below are the switchbacks into the inner canyon.


Hold on to your hats and glasses, 'cus this here is the wildest ride in the west!
Hold on to your hats and glasses, ‘cus this here is the wildest ride in the west!


I opted to go as far south as the pavement would take me and then hike the trail to the point where the rivers intersect. Its not actually where they meet but its as close as you can get without entering the lower canyon. I have never seen more of the earth at one time.


The view was said to be 150 miles to the mountains, and it wrapped 270 degrees around the butte I hiked to. Massive. My shouts echoed for 4 seconds or so, and it sounded like they slung around the canyons the way a hockey puck swings around the backboards behind the goal.


I felt tall spirited out there.


This is just the canyon carved by The Colorado River alone

Now to Arches National Park.

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