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Zion National Park (NP #46), Utah

Zion National Park (map / wiki) is split into two areas, Zion Canyon and Kolob Canyon.    Zion Canyon is the larger of the two, and it contains the park’s two most popular attractions: Angels Landing and The Narrows.   Angles Landing is a relatively short but undeniably epic hike. The last half mile from Scouts Read More …

Bryce Canyon National Park (NP #44), Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park (map / wiki) is the most photogenic park in the system.   The night before I entered Bryce Canyon National Park I camped in Dixie National Forest. I advise that anyone looking for an alternative to paying $20 to camp in Bryce should head into Dixie NF.

Day 6: Arches National Park, mile 1172

High Desert, the final frontier.   These are the voyages of the Roadship Element. Its 8 day mission: to explore strange new scenery, to seek out new life and novel personalities, to boldly go where ever I feel like.   Captain’s log, Earth date: 09.6.02013   Yesterday, I entered a spectacular curiosity of nature located Read More …