Chattanooga to Nashville, Tennessee (State #15)



From Atlanta I bounced North to Amicalola Falls State Park (wiki).


I was told that Amicalola Falls is the highest cascading falls east of the Mississippi. The park visitor center is also the southern terminus for the Appalachian Trail (wiki). Just passing under the stone arch for the connecting trail that leads to the the AT trailhead gives me the willies.


Starting point for the Appalachian Trail.


Amicola Falls.


Amicola Falls
Thanks for the picture Dale!


I left the falls and headed west on Highway 52. I had some car trouble and had to stay the night in Chatsworth in the parking lot of a methodist church that I was lucky enough to coast into. In the early morning I was towed to Dalton to have a new alternator installed. I made a couple buddies at Pye Honda, and they had me back on the road lickety-split.




Highway 64 runs from Chattanooga (East) to Memphis (West) across southern Tennessee.


The road sweeps through farms and ranches, and part of me is curious if it stays that scenic between Lawrenceburg to Memphis, but I opted to roll North up the Natchez Trace (site / wiki) into Nashville. That night I cooked up a lakeside sunset stir-fry in Centennial Park and called it a night.


Morris’ farming equipment collection.


Outside of Fayetteville I met Morris, a man who collected all kinds of old farming equipment.


He had lived in the area since he was a kid and on his current plot for 25 years. He said he wasn’t surprised when his orchard was bought out and paved over. He wasn’t surprised when I told him I was on a road trip from California. He wasn’t pessimistic or dismissive about either, I think Morris had just run out of times that he could be surprised.


Nice guy. Hilarious dog.


I miss my dogs.


This kind of scenery was typical of my drive on Highway 64 and on the Natchez Trace.


Jackson Falls, A spur off Natchez Trace


Old Natchez Trace. It parallels the new paved parkway. Only certain sections are accessible.

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