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Posted by Jay on September 2, 2013

Day 2: Zion, Night 2: Grand Canyon, mile 549

Alright ZION!


Today was most excellent. I hiked Angels Landing as planned, and the experience did not disappoint. Vertigo inducing drop offs on either side and slick slabby sand stone made for some enjoyable near life experiences on the way up.


..sketchy, even by my standards

The view from the top is, as the name would lead you to believe, divine. Pictures can’t capture and words can’t describe blah blah et cetera.


The view facing north. That canyon leads to The Narrows.


The view facing south


The clouds rolled in around 2:30, and – no joke – it started raining when I was about 10 strides away from my car. Thunder storms are predicted tonight here at the Grand Canyon North Rim.



Posted by Jay on September 1, 2013

Night 1: Zion, mile 446

Made it to Zion NP this evening. The place is pretty well built up and filled out.


There are motels all the way up to the park gates and right now I am writing this from my WiFi enabled RV site. Yes, RV site. All the tent sites were filled so I had to shell out the big bucks for a site made for a 30 ft motorhome.


The drive out was interesting. It only rained for about 45 minutes total, but the drops were massive and it sounded like driving though paintballs. Lightning in the surrounding hills. I pulled over in the Virgin River Canyon to see if I could catch a flash on film. I found myself preempting the strikes and taking pictures of dull grey skies. After about a dozen of those shots I began to feel a shade crazier than I prefer, so I packed it in and continued east.


I expect to hike Angels Landing Trail tomorrow morning. Should be intense.

Posted by Jay on August 31, 2013

Road Trip Overview: Grand Canyon Loop

Ok, so here’s the deal: I’m headed out on a road trip to Utah tomorrow.


I’m equal parts excited and nervous. It’s my hope that by keeping up blog posts about my misadventures it will help pass the time, keep my wits sharp, and impress my friends. So without further delay, here is the overview.


Grand Loop Road Trip +3


This map is not oriented due north. Lake Powel is that squiggly blue part in the middle, Grand Canyon to the left, and Lake Mead to the left of the GC. You can see the grey blotch of Vegas to the upper-left of Mead.


The Scheme:

  • Night 1: Zion National Park
  • Night 2: Grand Canyon National Park
  • Night 3: Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Night 4: Capitol Reef National Park
  • Night 5: Canyonlands National Park
  • Night 6: Arches National Park
  • Night 7: Phoenix, AZ.
  • Back home to Costa Mesa, CA on the 8th.


I expect it to be shitty and awesome, unpredictable and mundane, visceral views and thoughts that I choose.


Grand Loop Road Trip +2
Heres a little perspective for y’all. I made North about a 45 degree angle so that all the parks I’m headed to would fit in the zoomed in picture.


Grand Loop Road Trip +1
And for those of you who enjoy geography jokes, Here’s a little grander location reference.


Credit: Google Earth

Posted by Jay on August 30, 2013

Scratch That

one of these suckers


Erasers. Every so often I circle back to thinking about the invention of the eraser. It isn’t an especially glamorous invention, but its elegance is hard to match.


I reenact the scene in my head:

Him or her hunched over a drawing board, pencil in hand (maybe charcoal?) destroying page after page of valuable paper all in the effort to sketch up the next big new thing or write their masterpiece composition. Then all of the sudden, it dawns on them. Instead of constantly trying to keep up with their changing mind or the next big idea, they embrace the fact that darn near everything you could write down will need modification or become obsolete. Here is the Genius bit. The solution is to create something that destroys.. disassembles if you will. Erase.


Its like a controlled burn, an antibiotic to absent mindedness, fickleness, general being a person-ness. I used about half of a 2″ x 1″ eraser today drafting a pipeline system diagram. It reminded me of homework in college. something something something im tired of this topic.

Posted by Jay on August 27, 2013

First Post


I’m new, and I like it.


I don’t post comments on youtube or picture dump sites. People call it lurking, I consider it abstaining. It may take me a little while to settle into posting on a blog, but I think that if I stick with it, it will do good things for me and ideally for those who read what I write.


The issue is I won’t have much time to practice. I leave for a road trip this Saturday, and I wanted to set this up before I shove off. I expect to have plenty of time between stops to think up interesting things to share and plenty of time once I get to camp to draft something up.


That’s all.