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“March 10th 2015, Collier Seminole State Park Campground:




I decided it’s not impossible that mosquitos were originally called ‘squitos’ but in the confusion and panic of trying to avoid them, the name changed.


“Ahhh! There’s more of ’em inside too!”


“More of what!?”


“Mo’ squitos!!!”


It’s not even supposed to be squito season either… Which makes me apprehensive thinking about how bad they’ll be in the summer in the northern states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dakotas, and Montana.


Right now I don’t have screens made up for my windows. I have the material, the “no-see-um” netting is in my side compartment now, but it hasn’t been an issue until now. Screens just got bumped up in priority. Combine the mosquito situation with the fact that I let myself get sunburnt today on Sanibel Beach, and I find myself in a sticky situation. Blankets sent me into clammy cold sweats from me sunburn. No cover leaves me an easy target for skeeters.


At least I’m on vacation!”

This is my bed after the mosquito night. I was bit around 200 times.



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