Fort Frederica National Monument, Georgia (State #12)



I went to Fort Frederica National Monument (site / wiki) earlier this morning.


It was the southern-most fort constructed by the British colonies, and it was built around 1735 to protect Georgia against Spanish invasion from the south. The name Georgia comes from King George II. The fort and surrounding town weren’t anything spectacular, but it’s still fun to walk the streets and imagine what it was like.


Colonial Pinball


Two things worth mentioning: 


First, this marks my entrance into the original 13 colonies, so I’m excited to brush up on my colonial American history over the next month. Towns and outposts like this will only get more common as I move up through New England area.


Second, the environment through Fort Frederica was an excellent example of the live oak trees, pine trees, and spanish moss that make traveling through the south so rad. The sun makes the backlit moss glow, and the wind gives them a licking motion.


This picture completely captures the moment. No need to visit and see for yourself..




The whole scene impresses the sense that both the roots of the trees and the roots of our heritage run deep down here.”


A living cathedral





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