Arrival in Hawaii (State #1)

Transcribed from my notebook:


“blastoff                                                     January 9th 2015


I can’t see the lines too well because my personal light doesn’t work. I am sitting in seat 33C of American Airlines flight 253 LAX to Kahului, Maui. Oh Boy! It’s me, mom, pa, Kasey (sister), & her boyfriend, Mike. We will be staying at Napili Sunset (NW side of the island). It should be a funny time on account of the last time I was here might have been 12 or 15 years ago, and we’re staying at the exact same beach front property as we did way back when.


When I stop to think hard about what I remember about those trips, my memories center around the animals – big banana slugs in the mornings and super loud slippery frogs at night.


I remember the surf too. There’s a reef or sandbar about 100 meters off the beach that prevents the waves from getting too aggressive. I remember the sets rolling in and lapping up onshore without ever really breaking. They were good size waves, but they never took shape. My brother and I, along with other tourists and locals, would charge down towards the water, throw our Victoria skim boards out on the wet sand, hop on, and glide into the rollers that never really broke, and then flip. Flip forwards, flip backwards, just fling yourself up there and see what happens.


I’m sure a lot has changed. Small things. Things that I won’t realize have changed until some small trigger pings my childhood memory in just the right way. On the other hand, I’m sure a lot hasn’t changed. Still sand, still surf, still sun -> Still the same Jay? Yeah.. Sure. I don’t know. Maybe.

Parts are super similar. The game has changed, but the rules I set are the same. My skim board has become my car, and the beach is now the country – but it feels familiar.


fling yourself out there and see what happens.”





I’m playing with the idea of posting a picture of my notebook along with a *nearly* verbatim transcript, and giving the reader the option of which to read, or to read both to compare. My writing comes out a bit choppy and searching, but I think there’s another layer being communicated when I show you what I actually wrote.

Plus sketches!


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