Update from Hawaii

Maui has been great to me so far.


We are staying on the West side of the island in the town of Napili. I went whale watching yesterday with my mom and aunt. We knew the whales were all around us in the distance, but it seemed like we were always chasing them. My favorite bit was actually when they threw a special microphone overboard to listen to the humpback songs. Dang! – It’s a party down there!


If you can believe it, the guide told us that they were all in the middle of the same 18 minute song, but just at different points. (I was going to link some humpback whale noises from youtube, but it didn’t translate too well. In the videos I watched they just sounded like a bunch of elephants in labor – not like what I remember, but maybe I’m just a live music kind of guy.) The whales were cool but my real adventure is yet to come.


I’m all geared up for my overnighter in Haleakala National Park (map / wiki) tomorrow. The plan is to backpack in about 9 miles into the dormant volcano crater from the visitors center near the summit (West side) to Paliku campground (East side).


The campground is at 6,380′ elevation so the night time temperature will get down to around 40°F. The upswing of being so high up and remote is the world class stargazing. I am super excited about that. The next day I’ll pack up and head out south through Kaupo Gap towards the small town of Kaupo where I will be picked up by my family. The rendezvous time of 3:00pm should give them enough time to wander their way through “The Road to Hana” and still make it there on time.


All told its about 18 miles and 9000′ of elevation drop over the course of 2 days. game on.


Napili Sunset balcony
Life is not so tough right now.

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