Joshua Tree National Park (NP #2)

“9:15 AM                     January 26, 2015


Last night I shared a campsite with Len, a crotchety 60-something year old from Eureka, CA. He was camping out of the back of his Subaru hatchback, and I convinced him that we should split a single $10 site. He liked to talk about his treking adventures, and especially about his most recent outing, a three month trek through Pakistan (2007).


He was a nice enough guy, but he seemed to be seriously set in his ways regarding which parts of our country and world that he did and didn’t like.


The pink/red stood out against everything.


Cholla garden


Later I met our neighbors, Ingrid and Patrick from Spokane, Washington. They were two weeks into their trip down the west coast. It’s chilly and overcast here today, and that bummed them out. Patrick explained that they were trad climbers, (Traditional or “trad” climbing is the highest difficulty of climbing I know of. You set all your anchors with cam locking devices as you ascend.) but with the weather he didn’t know how safe it would be to climb anything multi-pitch.


The cold makes my handwriting irregular.


All for now.”


Ocotillo. flush green


Palm Springs over my left shoulder (house right)



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