Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas (State #34)

Kansas City exceeded my expectations.


Granted, I didn’t have much for expectations going into it so they weren’t that tough to exceed, but nonetheless. I got into town on Friday (5/29/15), and I was looking hit my quota of one social night per week.


I went to see a Hip Hop show at The Riot Room, but I ended up spending more time at the indoor stage watching a rock/reggae/blues band called The One Drops. By chance I met the bassist of The One Drops before they went on, and it tends to makes a performance better if you know a bit about the performers, this show was no exception. Their tour is headed through Colorado so its possible I’ll have a chance to tag up with them again.


Way back when I was in Dallas a friend of a friend recommended a BBQ joint in Kansas City called Oklahoma Joe’s (Boze, if you read this, thanks). It’s located in an expanded gas station convenience store, and they’re damn proud of that. The line was long but moved quick, only took about 20 minutes. When I left it was double the length.


This is the spot.


This is the Z-Man Sandwich: Beef brisket, provolone, and onion rings – french fries and sweet tea to compliment.



I kept recognizing a super talented spray painter doing commissioned murals around the Mill Street Station area. I started snapping pictures after a few of them, and these are the ones I collected:


Mad Hatter.


“I have this concept, now hear me out: A giant mechanical catfish with a cut away showing a rhinoceros inside piloting it.” “Will it have your trademark bees, too?” “Of course.”


Awesome use of perspective.






The artist is Scribe. In the above mural the “S” is the yellow part below the monkey. The small “c” is in green with an eye on it. The “R” is the purple and green part with the yellow ribbon twisting around it. The “i” is disproportionately small and colored light red. The “b” is made up of his bee characters. And the “E” is in the shape of a backwards 3 in the same color scheme as the “R”. Make sense?


This guy (or gal, I don’t know) has some serious talent. His or her effects were well developed – electricity, smoke, drips, 3D, character expression, spacing, theme, creativity. And they were up everywhere in the Mill Street Station area. These are just the ones I saw while randomly walking/driving around looking for a flag to switch out.


Edit: It’s a guy. Check him out!

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