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People wave to each other on the two lane roads in west Texas.


“2/8/15 – A Gentleman Named Paul


Paul is the kind of person I love to meet. The positivity is contagious.


I was having a slow day in the town of Marfa. My laundry was spinning by mid-morning, and I stepped outside to squint around and sip my coffee. People have been friendly in Texas. They usually take only a few seconds to size me up and ask where I’m from. I told Paul my plans to travel the country, and he was really enthusiastic.


Paul was an old timer with a young attitude. His wavy beard shook when he got into his stories about visiting India in the 80’s, and he would smooth his cigarette stained moustache when he recalled things for me to do in the US. He removed his hat and wiped his forehead with his forearm while inspecting my rig with nodding approval. After seeing the construction of my sleeping platform, he insisted I pay his favorite hardware store in Austin a visit, “Breadon Co. Hardware on 29th St.”


Positivity is a skill Paul was a craftsman.


February 12th, 2015


Austin has been cool. I went down to Rainey St. last night and caught some indie-western music at a bar called Bangers. Later I caught the 1 Bus back up Guadalupe St. to about 10 blocks north of the UT Longhorns campus. I met up with my buddy’s buddy, Nate. We put $5 on the Rockets vs. Clippers game and had a few beers. Watching live games late at night is a luxury the West Coast misses out on.


Sunset over Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas.


Now I sit in front of a graffiti wall on the corner of 11th and Baylor St. My checklist for today is to relax and eat BBQ.


..One down, one juicy one to go.




2-12-15 (1)


February 17th, 2015


I have to get better at writing even when I’m stopped and visiting someone..


I stayed a total of four nights in Dallas with my good buddy Chris. Our friendship dates all the way back to elementary school. That’s 20 years ago for those of you keeping score at home. He and I rode the bus to and from school for 8 years.


We went to a jam band show headlined by Lotus on Thursday, and an electric dance music (EDM) show on Friday featuring Eric Prydz. We hit the Katy Trail Icehouse for some quality margaritas and patio seating on Saturday. Then later that night we went the local pub and club scene to look for late notice Valentines.


Sunday was a day of rest.


Dallas Museum of Art (free).


Monday (Yesterday, 2/16/15) I got all the way up to Norman Oklahoma. The wind did come sweeping down the plains.

It was a cold night. So cold that I have modified my route to cut over to Arkansas and leave Kansas and Missouri for warmer times. I think I could have made it up there if this sudden freeze didn’t blow in. But on the other hand, expecting that there wouldn’t be a cold system moving through the area when I was planning things out probably sounds silly to the people who live here.


2-17-15 (1.0)
2-17-15 (1)

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