Mississippi (State #9)

“February 21st, 2015


There are a few states that I don’t have any particular destination within. Mississippi is one of those few.


For that reason I decided to head to the state’s capital Jackson, also because that’s the only city in Mississippi that I can name off the top of my head. And I need to check my facts on this one, but I’m pretty sure the only reason I have Jackson in my head is on account of the Johnny Cash and June Carter song. Either way, there I was bumping down the highway headed further away from home.




The trees out here are very different from the ones I’m used to in California and Oregon.


They pack dense with no single tree getting much bigger than 18″ in diameter. They reach 60 or 80 feet tall and they terminate with spherical seed pods. They are leafless now, and their structure resembles arteries with the smallest branches looking like ragged wispy brooms. From a distance they look like a brown haze, each tree merging into its neighbor.


The soil is wet and pools form regularly. I wouldn’t call it a swamp, but maybe a bog? I’m not familiar with those definitions, but I expect I’ll only be getting better while traveling the South. The wind makes an interesting sound through the forest – similar to the “wrrrr” sound that the tires of an approaching car make. I looked up from my pillow a few times expecting a truck, only to have the sound dissolve.


Jackson, Mississippi Not much to say really, I went to the Old Capitol Building (wiki) which is now a museum. It was neat and very very well done.. some of the interactive bits were gimmicky, but the Senate and House auditoriums had some serious production value.




..Which made it bizarre how empty the place was. I saw only a handful of other people while I tooled around for an hour and a half. The whole downtown area was empty for that matter. I realize that I was there on a Saturday, but the place was absolutely desolate.”


P1030153Capitol Street facing East towards the Old Capitol Building.


2-21-15 (2)

2-21-15 (1)



I stayed at Rocky Springs Campground off of the Natchez Trace Trail (site / wiki) last night (2/21/15), and it was much more in tune with how I like to experience an area than my time in Jackson.


Rocky Springs Campground off the Natchez Trace.


Camping at Rocky Springs was a free, and it didn’t get too cold with off-and-on rain through the night. Thunder storms were predicted, but I only saw a few lightning flashes and heard no thunder. The next morning I took a short hike down the trace to the abandoned town of Rocky Springs.


The Natchez Trace is nicknamed the forest highway, and the path is well beaten and cleared.


The Rocky Springs cemetery was spookily charming.


Reading the tombstone details brought to life how difficult it was to get your kid through childhood. One family, the Powers family, lost three children in as many years; none of them made it past one year. Two girls and a boy – Three infants buried within four feet of each other.


Everyone has a story – even people who are long gone.


Rocky Springs Cemetery



Today is my last day in New Orleans and I still need to get my Louisiana flag though.



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