Night 2 and Day 3: Grand Canyon- Cape Royal Lookout

I landed the last camp site in town.


Drove by at least three “No Campsites Available” signs only to walk up to the queue at park manager office just behind a lady who said her family was going to take off a day early on account of their rambunctious kids.


I’d say I was just lucky if this didn’t happen as regularly as it does. As it stands, I chalk it up to pure skill.


This was an hour before dusk


The sunset was sweet. The clouds out here have so much personality compared to the mild marine layer I’m used to back in Orange County. When I go back home I may miss them more than the geology. A amateur photographer I met named Trevor sat next to me on my perch and started rattling off photo after photo – DSLR style.


He and his girlfriend, Halea, were good beer drinking company.


Blast! (*Not Pictured: the 500ft drop off)


This morning I took the Cape Royal road out to Angels Window Lookout.


Appropriate name I’d say. They let you walk out on that peninsula, and you can see people out there in the picture below if you believe in yourself. The drive there was heavily vegetated, way more than I expected. Tall Pines and scraggly Junipers mostly. The wild flowers that lined the road were feeling bold after recent showers. Yellows dotted with purple, and reddish-orange every so often.

Angels Window Lookout


Onward to Bryce Canyon. Hopefully I’ll find a swimming hole to wash off yesterdays hike with.

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