Northern Idaho

I stayed a night in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. These are my notes:




  • Finally back to the Pacific Time Zone!


IMG_8041 (1)
Idaho Panhandle National Forest.


  • An off-duty forest serviceman stopped to talk to me while I was gathering firewood. He wanted to make sure I knew that there was a Stage II fire restriction in effect (no campfires). I should have asked him if it’s just the season or if the fire in Glacier NP is already stretching firefighter resources.


  • While searching for Road 209, I stopped to ask a family for directions. The six of them were picking huckleberries and putting them into empty juice gallons. The dad came to look at my GPS. He pointed me back the direction I come with one hand while holding his baby in the other.


Lake Pend Oreille.


  • There are many Quads, Trucks, and 4×4’s rolling around these roads.
  • After making camp, I sewed two velcro patches back onto the pockets of my hiking pants.
  • There are hundreds of pond skimmers behind the dam in the creek I’m camped on. They are constantly swimming upstream to stay in the same place, and their interactions with each other are interesting.


I’m a sucker for creekside campsites.


  • An NPR segment I heard said that one of the reasons older people tend to be happier than younger people is because the burden of their future has been lifted.

4 Comments on “Northern Idaho

  1. Jay
    I choseto Comment here because it was easiest. You need to spend some time planning
    Alaska routing. There is no access to Nome except by boat or plane, dog sled or hiking but
    even your willing ROADMASTER won’t get you there. I’ll make the same offer as for Barrow or both.
    Philosophy is a very interesting contemplation, be careful that it doesn’t become constipation. I think you will find that the path will open as you need it in response to some majic pan for your life that will unfold as you go down that road. Istill harken back to basic premise 1, which you will get tired hearing. hOPE YOU ARE NOT SEASICK ON THE FERRY.
    take care
    love gpa
    Greetings from Ralph “Pook”

    1. Thanks for your advice. I appreciate your offer of paying for my flight out to Nome or Barrow, but I have to decline for two reasons. It’s $500 for a round trip ticket. I believe you when you say you’d be happy to pay, but I would like to keep this trip self-funded. Second, I am already spending at least two and a half weeks here in Alaska, and if I am to complete my trip before my birthday in October, I need to keep moving. Thank you for your generosity, but I’d prefer not to add a flight into Nome or Barrow onto my plate.
      Alaska is absolutely amazing by the way. I hope to get caught back up on writing this afternoon!
      Love Jay

  2. JAY
    I DON’T KNOW who did the lifting, but my philosophy has been “Take care of today and you will have a tomorrow, if you don’t take care of today you won’t have a tomorrow
    You must be spme relation to your grandmother, we have camped where you had to be
    careful to keep your blanket out of the water. Enjoy the Alaska trip Mt McKinley is fascinating. We flew up to Barrow the furthermost spot on the North
    American continent. I would be happy to pay for that trip. Let me know and I will
    make arrangements. Getting late

    1. Thanks Hooky,
      Yeah I’m realizing that there are high points, and there are the times in between. I’m super excited for Alaska. This morning I’m getting my 150,000 mile check up on my car, and at 6pm tonight my ferry leaves from here in Bellingham. I already plan on spending two weeks out there, but if I’m not worn out by then, I may have to check out Barrow. I’ll keep you posted!

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