Glamis Imperial Sand Dunes, California

I’ve been visiting Glamis for 15 years and a lot has changed.

But a lot hasn’t – still oceans of sand, still wild people driving crazy expensive toys, still finding dust in my ears and nostrils for week. But a lot has changed. There’s more regulation: more sherifs, no fireworks, and speed limits near the Glamis Beach Store.

Regardless, here’s a couple  of pictures from the weekend. Nothing too profound here, just trying to get back into the swing of posting regularly.


The view from the top of Oldsmobile Hill.


My brother and I recently installed desert gas tanks to our dirtbikes, and they gave us another 40 miles of range. We rode down across highway 8 to the Mexican border. Hard to say exactly how many miles that trip was, maybe 100 mi (?). Offroad GPS may be the next thing on the list for us.


Brother, left. Mexico, far right.


We plan on going back out this next weekend for a quick trip. Yeehaw.

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