Pensacola, Florida (State #11)

“March 3, 2015


The fog ushered me into Florida.


It sinks into the depressions in the land and spills out over the lagoons to my south. The vapor waits there, resting on the surface, daring any molecule of liquid water to escape, eager to rush in and take its place. I went for a run, and I felt more hydrated afterwards. Riding the bridge over to Pensacola Beach was an exercise in trust. I couldn’t see more than 40 feet in front of me, especially over the high point crest for boats to pass underneath.


This is the next morning with less fog.


I camped near Fort Pickens, and had the best sleep for the past two weeks.


Early to rise, the fort itself was my next destination. The place was empty ¬†– as one might expect at 8:15 in the AM. Bricks and guns, bricks and guns. I don’t think Fort Pickens saw much action because most of the stories I read along the self-guided tour route talked about the construction, maintenance, and noteworthy accidents (see: powder room fire).




The gulf beaches I’ve visited so far are different than the ones I know in California.


They seem to serve a different purpose. Here they are built up as vacation spots. Huge hotels right on the water, and super eye catching souvenir stores in Mississippi, Alabama, and here in Florida. Maybe I’m too subjective of a source because thinking about it now,¬†there are a lot of hotels near Newport Beach and Laguna in California, but that’s been my observation here.”







4 Comments on “Pensacola, Florida (State #11)

  1. Hi Jay, I just caught up on your travels–very, very interesting and your descriptive writing is great! I guess you have gotten homesick yet as you haven’t mentioned taking a ‘break’ to go home. Safe travels. Donna

    1. Haha Yeah the homesickness comes and goes. My mom is going to be meeting me in South Carolina soon so that should be a huge boost to my energy.

  2. Hi Jay!
    I spent most of the morning reading your blog and catching up on your travels. Great read! Makes me want to jump in my car and drive somewhere – anywhere! Looking forward to more – Susan H.

    1. Thanks! I’m heading into a long stretch around the Florida coastline and then Anita is coming out to visit me in South Carolina! So excited!

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