Petrified Forest National Park (NP #3), Arizona

“January 29th 2015



A few quick things:

  • The ascent out of Sedona on Highway 89 is awesome.
  • Flagstaff is a fun city, and if you need a hostel check out Grand Canyon International Hostel.
  • The Orpheum is a cool concert venue. The Devil Makes Three was playing. They were great – kindof a punk folk band.


The next morning I met a guy named Seyon (“Say-yun”) at the hostel.


He overheard my plan to take I-40 east and asked if I could take him as far as Chambers, where it intersects Interstate 191. Seyoun turned out to be an interesting person. He was early 30’s (?) and had been traveling for 13 years after he was forced to leave South Korea. He changed the topic.


The main reason for his current visit to the States was to see Sedona. The vortices and energy of Sedona had called out to him. He was just finishing up a month long stay in the area before heading up to Canada.


He identified with Buddhism but with a very New Age twist. When I told him my favorite planet was Saturn he nodded his head and explained how that made sense given what he had learned about me so far. If you couldn’t tell already, I don’t get much out of astrology or other stuff like that. To me it seems like all the personality descriptions are reactive truthisms instead of being predictive. However, I’m told that having a skeptical outlook is a common quality of Libras..


Anyways -> Petrified Forest National Park (map / wiki)


I heard from two sources in flagstaff that the Petrified Forest is a snooze, “It’s flat.” But I never considered bypassing it.


I’ve learned that the things I find interesting don’t always strike other people in the same way and Vis Versa.The only road through the park starts north to an overlook above the Painted Dunes, which was an excellent spot for a chips and salsa break.


Painted Dunes


The road then swept 180° left and headed south, crossing back over Interstate 191 and the Santa Fe Railroad. I pulled off from the main road onto a spur which led to Blue Mesa. I biked through the hiking path because there wasn’t anyone else down there. I had the place to myself.


Blue Mesa. Look at that color coordination!


It is tough to remind myself that no part of the original tree is still there.


Parts of the petrified logs look identical to living trees, especially when it comes to the bark. The inside of the logs are a different story. They have a mixture of inorganic looking hot and cold colors that follow the original structure of tree rings. Its just an all around bizarre geologic process when you walk yourself through each step.


The orange/red is Iron Oxide (rust) not from anything organic.


Stone in disguise


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  1. I live in Havasu, Az

    Thank you for visiting Arizona. There are so many great places to visit and learn about the history of Earth

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