Road Trip Overview: Grand Canyon Loop

Ok, so here’s the deal: I’m headed out on a road trip to Utah tomorrow.


I’m equal parts excited and nervous. It’s my hope that by keeping up blog posts about my misadventures it will help pass the time, keep my wits sharp, and impress my friends. So without further delay, here is the overview.


Grand Loop Road Trip +3


This map is not oriented due north. Lake Powel is that squiggly blue part in the middle, Grand Canyon to the left, and Lake Mead to the left of the GC. You can see the grey blotch of Vegas to the upper-left of Mead.


The Scheme:

  • Night 1: Zion National Park
  • Night 2: Grand Canyon National Park
  • Night 3: Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Night 4: Capitol Reef National Park
  • Night 5: Canyonlands National Park
  • Night 6: Arches National Park
  • Night 7: Phoenix, AZ.
  • Back home to Costa Mesa, CA on the 8th.


I expect it to be shitty and awesome, unpredictable and mundane, visceral views and thoughts that I choose.


Grand Loop Road Trip +2
Heres a little perspective for y’all. I made North about a 45 degree angle so that all the parks I’m headed to would fit in the zoomed in picture.


Grand Loop Road Trip +1
And for those of you who enjoy geography jokes, Here’s a little grander location reference.


Credit: Google Earth

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