St. Louis, Missouri (State #33)

I contacted my friend from college, Peter, on late notice asking if he still worked at Anheuser Busch. I was only asking to see if he could to meet up the next day to have a pint, but he offered to take me in for the night. We made plans to meet at the Anheuser Busch Brewery the next day.


The next morning I took a tour of St. Louis’ famed Gateway Arch (site / wiki).


The arch is part of the National Parks system, so I got a discount on the ticket ($7). The elevator to the top was its own adventure. The room was small and fit 5 people, and as we ascended the car made the same loud clacking noises that you hear on a climbing rollercoaster.


Tight quarters. It’s about a 5 foot cube.


View of St. Louis from the Gateway Arch.


Inside Gateway Arch.




I was surprised to learn that the arch was completed in 1965. It has kept a modern appearance.



Later that afternoon I met up with Peter at the brewery.


The clocktower at Anheuser Busch Brewery.


The tour was fast paced and the guides moved through their speeches too quickly. The clydesdale horses were the highlight.




My last stop in St. Louis was a recommendation from the librarian in Cairo.


Gringo Jones Imports.


Gringo Jones Imports is a zany place. They inventory heaps of knick knacks from Mexico along with homemade iron and wood works. Kim at the front desk was hilarious. I was extra cautious to make sure the dog didn’t escape out the front gate when I came in. She saw this and responded, “You don’t have to worry about him taking off! He’s got it too good here, baby.”


I drove west with Kansas City as my next firm destination.




This guy..

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  1. Though the brewery and the arch are iconic symbols of St Louis. I would suggest you check out Grants Farm(since you like the Clydesdales), The museum complex in Forest Park is awesome as well as the home of one of the nations top zoos. Plus if you head south there are the Meramac caverns, with a zip line! Then ofcourse the beautiful Ozarks in southern Missouri. Missouri has a lot to offer, and can entertain a wide variety of people.

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