Trip Kick-Off at the Christmas Tree Burn! California (State #2)

I’ve replaced the name of the company below with Company so that I don’t blow their cover.



“H0oray! It’s happening!             January 25th 2015


I left yesterday. A friend of mine reminded me that the annual “Company” Christmas Tree Burn was happening, and it was a no-brainer deciding that I should kick off my trip there.


The main event of toasting over 200 trees is just one of the many kinds of crazy that happen out there -> Dirtbiking, rallying, shooting, flying RC planes, light spinning, telescope star gazing, lighting a propane tank with flares duct taped to it, lighting SoBe bombs, shooting a bowling ball cannon, general explosives and fireworks, and of course – launching rockets.


..somewhere in the Mojave Desert


Someone brought out a limo. Because why the heck not, I guess.


I backed my car up to the circle around the fire and supplied the tunes. The employees of the Company are cool. It seems like you can only work there if you’re smart, nice, and a pinch crazy. The next morning, after mimosas and chic pea potato curry, we hugged it out and hit the road. They to LA, and I to Joshua Tree National Park. Which is where I am now. I’m exhausted.


No More Weekends!”





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