Thank you for reading Some Things Are Cool.

My name is James Zantos, but I go by Jay. I grew up in Santa Ana, California, a place where you could drive for 30 minutes in any direction and still not escape the suburban sprawl. In 2012, I wrestled into submission a degree in environmental engineering from Oregon State University. From there I returned to Southern California where I landed a job in the Oil and Gas Industry.


My love of science led me to pursue engineering, and engineering has faithfully provided me with relative employment security and deep personal interest in how things are put together. Less than a year ago I traded some of that security to better understanding how our country is put together. I treat my writing as an observational journal with a flare for the artistic.


This blog is meant to be a gift. Over 10 months I took full advantage of the United States’ infrastructure and natural beauty, and my writing is the best expression of gratitude I can offer back to the people who texture this great nation from sea to shining sea.


My goal is to write and travel professionally.

Portriat New Orleans (1)

There is no need to read chronologically. If you want to see what I did in your home state or favorite national park, I encourage you to search for it in the bar at the top of this page and jump right in.

However, if you're feeling ambitious, you can start from the very beginning, when I was still wide eyed and anxious.


Here's more about what I'm like:


- When I say I have an acute sense of perception I mean narrow not refined. If I'm not paying attention, I'm likely not even close to paying attention.

- I'm a morning person, and I like to take siestas.

- I always double knot my shoelaces.

- If I was on death row I don't know what my last meal would be, but you can be damn sure chips and salsa would be involved.