Author: Jay

Belated Update: Denali Area & Anchorage Attractions

  I’ve finally made it to the McCarthy, the town I lived in last year. My priorities since arriving have been to:   1) Find a place to stay 2a) Find a place to work 2b) Study for the written test for my Private Pilots License (more later) 3) Write, Read, and other lofty goals.

Living in McCarthy, Alaska

Work work work   I’ll shut up about work for a minute and jog you through a few other notable goings-on in McCarthy and Kennecott.   Three weeks ago (June 4th) McCarthy held a community yard sale. Anyone looking to free up valuable storage space could get rid of unused clothes, blankets, and knick knacks. Read More …

Introduction to McCarthy and Kennecott

  The remote mining town of Kennecott and its supporting outpost McCarthy have their roots in the early 1900’s, long before the Wrangell St. Elias National Park was established in 1980.   In 1899 two prospectors bushwhacked their way into the Kennicott Glacier Valley and discovered what was then the richest copper deposit in the Read More …