Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska (State #36)

I didn’t spend much time in Nebraska. I didn’t want to drive east because there are two national parks in western South Dakota.


I stayed the night in Scottsbluff and took a hike around Scotts Bluff National Monument (site / wiki) the next morning.


Scotts Bluff National Monument.


Scotts Bluff served as a landmark for people heading west in covered Wagons. It signaled the end of the first third of the Oregon Trail and the beginning of the Rocky Mountains.


Scotts Bluff.


The bluffs were named after a fur trader who became ill and was left to die on the banks of a nearby river.


Area topography. The road through Scotts Bluff follows the original path of the Oregon Trail.


Facing west


This road follows the same path as the Oregon Trail.




This pair of clouds stood out to me. The dark cloud against its light background and the light cloud against its dark background.

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