Scratch That

one of these suckers


Erasers. Every so often I circle back to thinking about the invention of the eraser. It isn’t an especially glamorous invention, but its elegance is hard to match.


I reenact the scene in my head:

Him or her hunched over a drawing board, pencil in hand (maybe charcoal?) destroying page after page of valuable paper all in the effort to sketch up the next big new thing or write their masterpiece composition. Then all of the sudden, it dawns on them. Instead of constantly trying to keep up with their changing mind or the next big idea, they embrace the fact that darn near everything you could write down will need modification or become obsolete. Here is the Genius bit. The solution is to create something that destroys.. disassembles if you will. Erase.


Its like a controlled burn, an antibiotic to absent mindedness, fickleness, general being a person-ness. I used about half of a 2″ x 1″ eraser today drafting a pipeline system diagram. It reminded me of homework in college.┬ásomething something something im tired of this topic.

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